1. eBiz Suite ERP Software

eBiz Suite is a user-friendly, easy to install, ready-to-use software. The software allows SMEs in any industry / vertical to monitor sales, improve supply chain efficiency, allows you to manage your billing & invoice, helps you make your product management more efficient and beneficial for your company, manage customer relationships to improve your sales and increase repeat customers, improves your inventory/warehouse management, and tracks the movement of materials to make distribution more efficient.


2. eBizOnline E-Commerce Software

eBizOnline is a comprehensive, next-generation, ready‚Äźto-use web store made for any business or entity that is looking to have an online presence in the ever-changing market conditions. With the boost in the online market and business post-pandemic, eBizOnline offers multiple user-friendly features to the customers and has great potential in online marketing, enabling entrepreneurship and helping online businesses to grow.


3. marbleBiz ERP Solution

marbleBiz is a specialized ERP desktop-based application for the marble industry. It helps the businesses in the marble industry to channelize their workflows and optimize their business processes.